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Lab Services

Lab Services

Reaching a diagnosis involves performing a series of tests that evaluate the health of your body. These can’t entirely be conducted without lab services. Bloodwork and specialized tests performed by an experienced medical professional are necessary to help determine the cause of your discomfort. Here at InnovateMed, we offer discounted labs for patients who don’t have insurance or don’t want to use insurance. We can also have labs billed through your insurance.

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What are lab services?

Lab services here at InnovateMed are performed for wellness purposes. What this means is that we can provide blood draws and specialized tests to evaluate the status of your body. The information derived from these tests can help us identify potential complications or risk factors for certain diseases like diabetes.

When are these services needed?

Lab results may be necessary if a physical exam reveals something abnormal. In other cases, if you have symptoms like frequent shortness of breath or unexplained fatigue, a test can help Dr. Williams come to a diagnosis. Blood tests can also be performed as a regular part of a checkup for wellness purposes.

What requires lab services?

If you’re concerned about your general health, labs can be a good option to assess the status of your body. These tests can give Dr. Williams a general overview of what’s happening and help her take appropriate steps to help you feel better.

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Receive lab services in Dodge City, KS

If you have been experiencing pain or discomfort, it’s time for a doctor’s visit. Here at InnovateMed, Dr. Williams provides lab services such as blood tests to identify the source of your concerns. You can get started and review your options by clicking the “Enroll Now” button below.

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