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Certain illnesses, like diabetes, can pose severe restrictions on your life. This illness is challenging to manage, requiring ongoing monitoring and attention to help you remain healthy. Doing this alone can be tricky, but InnovateMed is here to help. At our Dodge City office, Dr. Williams offers ongoing support and management services for chronic conditions, including diabetes. Contact our office and explore our primary care enrollment options to learn more today.

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What causes diabetes?

Diabetes begins as prediabetes, a condition where your blood glucose is high but not quite at severe levels. Without proper treatment and diet modification, this condition can progress into full-blown Type 2 diabetes. There is also Type 1, which is a genetic disorder that typically appears in childhood.

With Type 1, your immune system attacks the body’s own insulin-producing cells in the pancreas. Without insulin, sugar quickly builds up in the blood, so those with Type 1 diabetes must monitor their blood glucose carefully and take insulin when necessary.

Diabetes Management Services

Dr. Williams can help manage your diabetes by providing comprehensive care, monitoring your blood sugar levels, and prescribing appropriate medications and lifestyle changes to help control your blood sugar and prevent complications. As part of your enrollment into our primary care plan, we can provide regular checkups, discounted medications, monitoring, and referrals (if necessary).

What results can I expect?

Proper management of any chronic illness can minimize symptoms and improve your well-being. In the case of diabetes, you can significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular and kidney disease by being more mindful of your diet and exercising regularly. Keeping an eye on your blood glucose level and insulin levels is vital to remaining healthy. Dr. Williams can help you do this and remain healthy long-term.

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Find diabetes management services in Dodge City, KS

Living with diabetes can be challenging, but we’re here to make it easier. Dr. Williams has provided care for the Dodge City community for nearly 20 years. Now, she’s ready to help you too. You can start by clicking the “Enroll Now” button below and exploring your options. Dr. Williams is available as part of your enrollment plan and will work with you to ensure you get the best care possible.

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