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Thin Lips

Aging can transform our appearance in several ways. Lip thinning is often something we don’t anticipate, but thin lips can develop over time as our bodies lose collagen. The good news is that this process can be stalled and even temporarily reversed through the use of dermal fillers. These simple injectable treatments act quickly to improve the plumpness of your lips, giving them greater volume and enhancing their beauty. Contact Dr. Williams and the rest of our team here at InnovateMed to learn more today.

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What causes thin lips?

Your natural lip shape changes, and lip fullness diminishes with age due to a loss of collagen. Some minor factors outside of genetics that contribute to thinner lips include UV exposure from the sun, smoking, kissing, and even drinking through a straw. Water is essential for keeping our lips healthy, so staying hydrated is imperative.

How do we address thin lips?

We rely on dermal fillers to enhance lip fullness and shape. Most of our fillers are composed of hyaluronic acid, a natural substance in the human body. These fillers are injected with the greatest precision and care to ensure you get a natural lip shape that complements the rest of your features.

What to expect from treatment?

Results from dermal fillers typically last between six months to up to two years. Following your treatments, you can expect enhanced plumpness while still retaining your entire range of facial motion. Results may vary, so discussing your goals and expectations before committing to treatment is important.

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Are you unhappy with the fullness of your lips? If so, our dermal fillers can be a good choice. These fillers act quickly to increase lip plumpness and give you the voluminous look you deserve. Connect with us here in Dodge City to learn more by clicking the button below or calling our office at (620) 412-8943.

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