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truBody Body Contouring

truBody Body Contouring

Stubborn fat can be difficult to eliminate once it’s found a home in our bodies. Unfortunately, there is no way to spot reduce fat, and therefore putting in extra hours at the gym doesn’t typically help. However, thanks to truBody™ body contouring, we can now eliminate regions of fat and strengthen muscles without any invasive procedures or downtime. Connect with our office here in Dodge City, Kansas, to learn more about this system and what it can do for you.

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What is truBody?

truBody™ is a powerful combination of two truSculpt® technologies created to destroy fat, revitalize the skin, and build muscle. The two technologies are truSculpt® iD and truSculpt® flex. These systems synergistically deliver a personalized, comfortable treatment experience with proven, long-lasting results.

What does truBodyaddress?

truBody™ is the most comprehensive body and muscle-sculpting treatment designed to remove fat, build muscle, and refresh the skin. This device is perfect if you exercise regularly, but don’t see many results due to high body fat percentage. It is also great for those with stubborn fat in specific areas like the belly or love handles. Only a handful of sessions is all that’s needed for greater muscle definition.

What to expect

A truBody™ treatment starts with truSculpt® iD, which uses radiofrequency energy to dissolve stubborn areas of fat by heating fat cells until they’re destroyed. It is often used to remove stubborn fat around the abdomen, love handles, thighs, under the chin, and upper arms. Several body areas can be treated simultaneously.

After truSculpt® iD, bioelectric currents emitted through truSculpt® flex are used. These currents strengthen and tone the buttocks, thighs, and abdomen muscles. This quick, customizable procedure takes about an hour to perform altogether and delivers results without downtime. Most people need three treatment sessions for optimal results.

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trubody body contouring in dodge city ks
trubody body contouring in dodge city ks
trubody body contouring in dodge city ks
trubody body contouring in dodge city ks
trubody body contouring in dodge city ks
trubody body contouring in dodge city ks
trubody body contouring in dodge city ks
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Reduce stubborn fat and improve your shape with our truBody™ system. This treatment is non-invasive and can deliver beautiful results in little time. Connect with Dr. Williams to learn more today by clicking the button below or calling our office at (620) 412-8943.

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