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stubborn fat

Stubborn Fat

Once fat forms on our bodies, burning it off can be a challenge. Often, it feels that no matter how many hours we put in at the gym, we can’t seem to shed those pounds. Unfortunately, there is no traditional way to spot-reduce fat. However, our truBody™ system can help eliminate stubborn fat pockets and tone your muscles without needing extra gym hours or surgery. These treatments are non-invasive and can provide you with impressive results. Book an appointment at our Dodge City office to learn more.

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Why does stubborn fat form?

The appearance of belly fat and love handles is often due to a lack of exercise and improper nutrition. Some of us may still struggle with these issues even if we do our best to care for ourselves. Of the many factors contributing to those unwanted fat areas, age and genetics are the least within our control. As we age, our metabolisms slow down, causing greater fat retention.

How can body sculpting help?

Body sculpting is a non-invasive alternative to surgery. This process effectively reduces stubborn fat areas and allows you to get a better aesthetic result from your workouts. truBody™ is designed to address stubborn fat on the abdomen and flanks. This system is a combination treatment that features truSculpt® iD and truSculpt® flex. The first device uses radiofrequency to dissolve stubborn fat, while the second strengthens and tones the targeted area.

What can I expect?

A truBody™ treatment starts with truSculpt® iD, then transitions into truSculpt® flex. This process removes fat around the abdomen, love handles, thighs, under the chin, and upper arms. After the fat has been treated using truSculpt® iD, truSculpt® flex uses bioelectric currents to strengthen and tone the buttocks, thighs, and abdomen muscles.

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If you have stubborn fat you want to eliminate, we can help. We offer non-invasive truBody™ treatments that can help shed unwanted fat pockets and improve the tone of your muscles. Connect with us here in Dodge City to learn more about this non-invasive body contouring option by clicking the button below or calling our office at (620) 412-8943.

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