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toenail infections

Toenail Infections

Thick, discolored, and crumbling nails can indicate a severe toenail infection. These infections are often fungal and can occur when your spend too much time in moist areas such as locker rooms and showers. Infections can also happen due to ingrown toenails. The treatment for these conditions is often toenail removal and can be performed here at InnovateMed. As part of our enrollment plans, you can reap the benefits of these and other treatments at an affordable monthly rate. Connect with Dr. Williams to discuss treatment and determine if our plans are right for you.

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What causes toenail infections?

Toenail fungus can be caused by several fungal infections, the most common of which is called dermatophyte. This fungus can infect anyone, but certain people are at a greater risk of developing toenail fungus than others. Some factors that contribute to you developing these infections include being older, sweating excessively, and having a history of athlete’s foot.

Ingrown toenails can occur due to improper toenail trimming. Cutting your nails all the way around instead of straight across can lead them to grow abnormally and cause injury to the toe. This can gradually cause infections that may be hard to recover from without help.

What are the treatment options?

Toenail removal is the most effective method for addressing toenail infections. This applies to fungal infections, ingrown toenails, and other infections that can develop on your toes. Surgery is often performed under anesthetic and requires aftercare to ensure proper healing.

Toenail Removal Surgery

At the beginning of the procedure, Dr. Williams will thoroughly numb your toe. Once the area is ready, she will trim away the ingrown part of your toenail or remove the entire nail if needed. If she notices you have an infection, she may recommend taking antibiotics to help you heal. Though ingrown toenails and infections are common, Dr. Williams may suggest removing your nail entirely if you are prone to developing them constantly.

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A toenail infection can be painful to live with and difficult to get rid of without the proper help. Surgery may sometimes be necessary to help you feel better again. You can request this procedure as part of your enrollment in one of our primary care plans. Click the “Enroll Now” button below to get started. Dr. Williams is available as part of your enrollment plan and will work with you to ensure you get the best care possible.

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