Wrinkles and fine lines are never a welcome addition to our skin. Though the appearance of crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles, and other similar aging signs are completely natural, they are rarely wanted. Facelift surgery is the most common method of addressing these aging signs (as well as sagging skin), but what if there was another way? At InnovateMed, we offer several options for addressing these aging signs. Our options are non-invasive or minimally invasive and can give you gorgeous results that last long-term.


Photo of a woman's facial wrinkles around her lips

How Do Wrinkles and Fine Lines Develop?

The gradual loss of collagen is the primary cause of facial wrinkles and fine lines. Repetitive facial movements and a great deal of sun damage can also contribute, often making these aging signs more visible. The first of these three issues, unfortunately, can’t be avoided. After age 30, the collagen and elastin content in our skin declines more rapidly, leading to advanced aging.

How Are These Issues Addressed?

At InnovateMed, we offer several treatment options. One of the most effective options is the use of neurotoxins, which freeze muscle contractions in the face and prevent wrinkles from becoming deeper. Other options include exfoliation methods such as chemical peels. The right choice for you can be determined during your initial consultation.

What Can I Expect?

Treatment results will depend on your chosen treatment option. In most cases, several sessions are needed to get the results you want. However, few (if any) of our treatments require downtime. You will arrive at our office, work with your provider to get the treatment you deserve, and be free to return to the rest of your day shortly after stopping by.

Find Wrinkles Reduction Treatments in Dodge City, KS

We offer several options for treating wrinkles. We offer chemical peels, neurotoxins, and laser treatments to help you enhance your skin’s youth. These treatments rarely require downtime and offer results that last for months. Contact our Dodge City office to learn more about these treatments by clicking the button below or calling (620) 412-8943.


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